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Xhorse On Sale VVDI Remote Key List NEW

All on sale xhorse vvdi remote keys list - Update in 2022-7-20

Xhorse Remote Wired Remote vs. Wireless Remote vs. Smart Remote vs. Super Remote NEW

How to tell the differences among the Xhorse wired remote, wireless remote, keyless go remote, super remote in 4 methods.

How to Update Xhorse Condor II software and firmware? NEW

The new xhorse condor xc-mini plus II (Condor II) allows users to update the system, app, firmware, and database on the machine directly without PC. 

Dolphin how to detect whether the battery is good or bad NEW

Dolphins detect whether the battery is good or bad (note: the battery should be charged for an hour and then tested to ensure that the battery is charged)

XHORSE MVCI PRO J2534 Software Download Link

The MVCI PRO J2534 works with the original software, but if you are not able to get original software, you can download here
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