2023 Xhorse Multiple Remote Key Types

These universal remote can be generated and cloned for specialized security solutions on our VVDI series tools such as Key Tool Max ProVVDI2KEY TOOL MAXMINI KEY TOOL, and KEY TOOL PLUS.

Wired Remote: XK series, Packed in red, With socket, No chip, 25 bonus points for one key
Wireless Remote: XN series, Packed in blue, NXP chip, 40 bonus points. for each key
Super Remote: XE series, Packed in purple, 40 bonus points
Smart Remote: XS series, Packed in orange, Smart chip keyless go, 60 bonus points.
Benz Key: Xhorse Benz Key, 200 points for MB password calculation
Garage Key: Xhorse Garage remote keys

XS series
xk series
xn series
xe series
garage remote