What Are the Advantages Of Multi Prog?

Multi-PROG Pro-level programmer supports batch writing of chips, and batch writing of chips is often used in factories when production requires large-scale writing of chips. The types of writes supported are common memory series and common microcontroller series. For the specific usage of batch writing, please refer to the documentation of the software's factory usage mode.

XHORSE Multi-Prog is an Upgrade Version of VVDI Prog
Pro-level, More powerful
All authorizations are free, MQB48 NEC Authorization

Most Important Highlight
*Batch programming function: Multi-PROG devices support factory usage mode for batch programming of chips. In this mode, the functions of batch programming, offline programming, and file offline programming can be realized. The main difference between Xhorse VVDI PROG programmer and Xhorse MULTI-PROG Pro-level programmer is that the MULTI-PROG Pro-level programmer has the batch programming function but the VVDI PROG programmer does not.