Top 20 Reasons to Choose Xhorse VVDI Remotes

Xhorse Remotes can be divided into these categories:

  • Wired Remote: XK series, Packed in red, With socket, No chip, 25 bonus points for one key (Without transponder)
    Wireless Remote: XN series, Packed in blue, NXP chip, 40 bonus points. for each key (With transponder)
    Super Remote: XE series, Packed in purple, 40 bonus points
    Smart Remote: XS series, Packed in orange, Smart chip keyless go, 60 bonus points. 

Why choose Xhorse remotes?  Check top 20 reasons bellow:

Outstanding Appearance Design

Have you ever deeply impressed by the appearance of Xhorse remotes?

  • For people who usually use vehicle remotes, It is difficult for them not to be attracted by Xhrose Remotes. 
  • Superb quality embodies all sides of Xhorse Remotes, Some of Xhorse Remotes have Certificates of Design Patent. You can feel no burrs while touching the edge of the cover case thanks to its integrated body structure design. and look closer, all Xhorse remotes have good looking of the case shell curve. The design specialists never see the remotes as a normal tool for starting cars, instead, they treat the remotes as artworks. Each remote is a combination of designers’ creativity and great effort. 


Exquisite Manufacturing Technique
  • Xhorse has fully accomplished technology superiority on manufacturing and always supplies high-quality remotes for users around the world. Xhorse remotes and self-developed transponders are 100% produced by automated production lines and 100% tested by American Agilent test devices. 
  • All Xhorse remotes and transponders are configurated exclusive test files to guarantee its quality. 

Xhorse product manufacturing

All the Xhorse Remotes are certificated by ISO9001: 2015

What is ISO9001:2015 Quality management systems?

  • ISO 9001 is defined as the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Organizations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. It is the most popular standard in the ISO 9000 series and the only standard in the series to which organizations can certify.
  • ISO 9001:2015 applies to any organization, regardless of size or industry. More than one million organizations from more than 160 countries have applied the ISO 9001 standard requirements to their quality management systems.


Built-in Clonable Transponder
  • The built-in transponders of Xhorse Remotes are selected from NXP immobilize transponders and self-developed transponders(R&D by Xhorse). All the transponders are manufactured and tested under strict quality control conditions-100% tested by American Aglient test devices.


  • By using Xhorse remotes(with built-in transponders), users can even have few concerns about searching the password of the original remotes.



Support reprogramming unlimited times

  • The built-in super chips/transponders are easy to be programmed and re-programmed. Users can re-program the super chips unlimited times.


Support button cell
  • Xhorse remote supports button cell CR2032 which has great endurance and can be easily installed & replaced by yourself. 


Easy to Open

  • It is very convenient for you to easily open the Xhorse Remote (Some specific remote may need special methods to open. Please consult the Xhorse technical support team for help.

remotes opened step


Superior Raw Materials 

  • Thanks to its high-quality raw materials, Xhorse remotes always meet users’ expectations. The plastic cover cases are mainly made of high-quality Polyamide 66, also called nylon 66( It has great features: 1. High strength and stiffness at high temperature; Good impact strength, even at low temperature; Good abrasion and wear resistance;) and zinc alloy( It has great features: 1.High dimensional accuracy and stability; 2.Superb castability and long-term dimensional stability; ) to guarantee remotes’ stable performance and long endurance.


Tips: Nylon 66 is frequently used when high mechanical strength, rigidity, good stability under heat, and/or chemical resistance are required.



Durable Key Blank

  • In order to fit for more car models, Xhorse also provides users the remotes with a metal key blank made of electroplated cupronickel which possesses good abrasion and wears resistance, sturdy and durable. Thus this kind of excellent raw material can be greatly processed into useful vehicle remotes.

high quality xhorse key blank

Excellent Performance (Advantages)
  • Xhorse remote series adopt universal design on appearance and functions(detailed remote list shown at the bottom of this blog, please check based on your needs). Xhorse Remotes can be applicable for hundreds of car models, and Support emulation for multiple immobilizer transponders types: 11,12,13, 7936, 7937, 7947XTT, 7946, etc. Xhorse remotes are currently being extended product lines to support more car models.
  • Using Xhorse Remotes primely helps all of the locksmith friends decrease storage costs and save a large amount of time.



Low Inventory pressure

  • You may ever encounter such a problem, for meeting clients’ demands, you might need to prepare many types of car remotes, there are lots of remotes stored in your workshop. The storage cost brought you great pressure on running a business. BUT friends, by using Xhorse remotes, no more Storage Pressure. Xhorse has  XE Series Super Remote; XS Series Smartkey Remote; XN Series Wireless Remote(With transponder) and XK Series Wired Remote(Without transponder). Only 4 types of Xhorse Remotes, support over 3,000 car models. 

 Style Diversification
  • The remote styles can be mainly classified as flip-3button-matte remote, flip-3button-chrome plating remote, flip-3button remote, flip-4button remote, 5button-keyblank inside remote, 4button-keyblank inside remote, etc. Please kindly check the “Xhorse Remote List 2020 Update Poster” at the bottom of this blog to check remote information in detail.


Bonus Points Reward
  • The Bonus points will be automatically accumulated and can be used to exchange for various software functions and accessories of other Xhorse devices. The specific bonus points are assigned to each remote.


  • Safe and stable performance; Even able to be performed well in extreme hot & cold weather.

black abstract background, hot and cold fire clash

  • With the super–fast prompt response, the Xhorse remotes provide users a wait-free remote response.


Powerful Functions

Xhorse Remote isn’t just an exquisite appearance, it makes you feel good while using it.

  • Smart Remotes powerful functions: Remote Control / Smart Sensing / Keyless Start / Wireless Programming



Support Wireless Programming

  • Xhorse Wireless Remotes support Wireless Programming; No need to open the cover or connect the programming cable.

xhorse remotes function


Xhorse is always committed to making it easier for users to choose our products.

  • One year warranty for Xhorse remotes.
  • Lifelong Provide Online Technical Support, also called Customer Service





No worries about Repair Issues

Xhorse also provides complete Offline After-sale Service. Users can repair/fix their remotes through the following two methods:

【1】Consult your local dealers and wholesalers for help.

【2】Directly contact the Xhorse Official Customer Service via Xhorse App to consult maintenance and repair of Xhorse Remotes.

  • Please be noticed before sending back your damaged or problematic remotes, please do first communicate with the technical support person about your remotes. All the remotes sent back should be first recorded by our technical support team, then fixed by our engineers, finally sent back to you.
  • (All the maintenance details of freight charge, maintenance cost that ought to be discussed based on specific remote conditions)
  • Xhorse will not receive any remote delivery which wasn’t recorded in advance.

Xhorse Remotes List 
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