Xhorse Remote Wired Remote vs. Wireless Remote vs. Smart Remote vs. Super Remote

How to tell the differences among the Xhorse wired remote, wireless remote, keyless go remote, super remote in 4 methods.

Preview comparison table:

Item Wired Remote Wireless Remote Super Remote Smart Remote
PCB  wired-remote-pcb  wireless-remote-pcb  super-remote-pcb  smart-remote-pcb
Item No. XK series XN series XE series XS series
Package Packed in Red Packed in Blue Packed in Purple Packed in Orange
Remote Control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Way to generate remote Socket connection Wireless generation Wireless generation Wireless generation
Chip No Yes (NXP chip) Yes (super chip) Yes (smart)
Transponder No NXP chip copy 46 47 + Generate Copy + Generate chip that
VVDI super chip XT27 supported
Keyless go
Device to Generate VVDI tools VVDI tools VVDI tools VVDI tools
Program remote Manual/OBD Programmer Manual/OBD Programmer Manual/OBD Programmer
OBD Programmer

(MQB key can only be programmed
 by VVDI2)

Bonus Points(first time generation) 25 40 40 60

*OBD Programmer can be Key Tool Max & Mini OBD Tool, ikey820, Lonsdor etc OBD key programming devices.


Targeted customers:

Wired remote:  for people who need to program remote control only

Wireless remote: can replace wired remote.

copy chip: 11, 12, 13, 46 (7936), 46 (7946), 47 (7938X)

generate following chips

Smart remote: smart car with smart key/card

Super remote: It can replace wired/wireless remote.

Generate following transponder:

super remote

Clone following transponder:

transponder clone


Method 1: Xhorse remote differences in outlook  

Xhorse wired remote: packed in red color, XK series

Xhorse wireless remote: packed in blue color, XN series

Xhorse smart remote: packed in orange color, XS series

Xhorse super remote: packed in purple color, XE series.


Method 2: Xhorse remote differences in PCB

After tearing the pcb board, you will find they are the same in the shell, one question:

How to tell the difference among Xhorse wired remote, wireless remote, keyless go remote, super remote, the method is to use a screwdriver to open the shell and plwe know their differences.

Note: It is easy to have static electricity in winter. You need to find a metal to discharge the static electricity on your hand before opening.



1). Wired remote PCB

Comes with socket for cable connection programming remote. No Chip.

You need to add a immo chip (like 46 chip) into the wired key before starting the car normally.



2). Wireless remote PCB

No socket (support generation or cloning directly without cables, no need to disassemble remote shell).

With NXP chip (supports the Hitag series, i.e ID46 and ID47), it generates chip in the method of wireless induction.

Wireless remote comes with nxp immo chip and can generate new key directly.



3). Super remote PCB

Built-in with Super Chip XT27A66, support more chip types the wired & wireless remote.

For example:
Xhorse Super Remote DS Type XEDS01EN


This image is from

4). Smart/keyless go remote PCB

With 3 inductances.

Folding key.

Support newest cars.

For example: Xhorse XSKF01EN Universal Smart Proximity Flip Type Key


FYI, the buttons of wireless / keyless go / super remote is much better.


Method 3: Xhorse remote differences in price

Single Wired remote price: less than 5 dollars

Single Wireless/Super remote price: 5 dollars to 7 dollars

Single smart remote price: 9 dollars to 10 dollars.

All Xhorse remote price list here: Xhorse remote keys


Method 4: obtain different bonus points

When generate Xhorse remote for the first time, you will get bonus points.

Wired remote = 25 bonus points

Xhorse wireless remote =40 bonus points

Xhorse super remote =30 bonus points

Xhorse smart remote =60 bonus points


With the bonus points, you can exchange some free Xhorse products i.e mini key tool, tokens, vvdi mb adapters etc.


On the first page of Xhorse APP, click on “Shop”, then “Bonus points”, then “Function”, scroll down and select what you want with your bonus points.