Xhorse Condor MINI Plus II Key Cutting Machine FAQs

Q: Can the Xhorse Condor XC Mini Plus II run off a portable power bank?
A: The machine has a 24V port.

Q: Does XC-MINI PLUS cut house key?
A: Yes, it will do.

Q: Can the machine copy dimple keys directly and by code... e.g. Abus, Bks, etc.?
A: Yes, it will do.

Q: Can Condor XC-Mini Plus II cut Yale Dimple key?
A: Yes, it will do.

Q: does this condor xc mini plus ii cover French language?
A: Sorry, it doesn't support French currently.

Q: Does there any difference on database between XP005L , MINI CONDOR PLUS II?
A: MINI CONDOR PLUS II can cut more key types, like MINI CONDOR PLUS II can do anual cutting and house key cutting, XP005L can't.