Tips to Use Xhorse Solder Free and Benz EZS/EIS Adapter

Xhorse Solder Free Adapters & Benz EZS/EIS Adapter are commonly used 8 pins adapters on market now. Not all circuit boards are supported to read or write by solder free adapters. Due to the differences between various circuit boards, only part of them support working with solder free adapters.

Soder free adapter
ezs adapter
  1. Use tested solder free adapters & modules.

Users should follow instructions to read & write tested modules, such as BMW FEM BDC 95128, 95256, some TOYOTA IMMO 93C66, etc. These factory-verified modules are safe to read and write without the risk of losing or damaging data.


  1. Don’t write untested modules.

With solder free adapters, users can try to read other untested modules. But the reading result may not be correct all the time.


For example, Porsche/ VW KESSY 93C86 data can be read out, but it failed when processing. That’s because its reading result is incorrect. It’s suggested to read data by traditional soldering. In this case, the original data won’t be damaged.


It should be noted that users cannot write untested modules with solder free adapters. Otherwise, data will be lost. Caution should be exercised with unknown types even if they can be read, even do not write data at will.


  1. Be careful the electronic components around 8 pins.

To avoid damaging components while using Xhorse adapters & EIS/EZS adapters.


Above are the considerations when using adapters. The right way to use solder free adapters will make our work more convenient.