Key Tool Plus Practical Instruction 1&2 Two Books for Locksmith, Vehicle Maintenance Engineer

This a very useful book for a locksmith or anyone who wants to be a locksmith.
With a book in hand, anti-theft matching is worry-free! It is not only a user guide for key tool plus, but also a very useful reference book for key programming skills. It can avoid risks and increase the probability of programming success.

About the Author
Brief introduction of Jian Min:
Jian Min has been in the locksmith industry since he was 8 years old. His father and grandfather are both professional locksmiths, who take this as their lifelong career. Jian Min started working in the locksmith industry at the age of 20 and has worked in the locksmith industry for more than 20 years, accumulating rich experience in it. In the past 20 years, Jian Min has personally operated various key equipment and tools and solved various problems of car key loss and addition for customers.