How to use Xhorse Toyota 8A Adapter to program chip 8A from Toyota all lost keys?

Before use 8A adapter make key, you need to combine it and update it to latest.

Genearally situation car should with immo chip, both 3 lights will of adapter are on, and adapter can control the circuit.

Above picture are use 12V of bench to simiulate car battery, black clip connect with negative electrode  ‘ - ’, read with positive electrode ‘+’.

You need to ensure three light are on, if connection is no problem but lights not on, try re-plug the J6 plug.

On operation system choose close 8A adapter voltage, test two pins with yellow color of J3 plug whether output 12V. (normally they are not output 12V)

Then try test two pins again after turn on the voltage.(normal situation is output 12V)

If above test with abnormal status, means your adapter broken. Need to back to factory for repair.