New Key Tool Plus Practical Instruction 1&2 Two Books for Locksmith, Vehicle Maintenance Engineer

Key Tool Plus Practical Instruction This a very useful book for a locksmith or anyone who wants to be a locksmith. With a book in hand, anti-theft matching is worry-free, and you can learn car key matching technology. It can avoid risks and increase the probability of programming success. Recommend to all owners of Key tool plus

The book KEY TOOL PLUS Practical Instruction covers the introduction of KEY TOOL PLUS tablet, car IMMO knowledge, and KEY TOOL PLUS usage skills.
It also includes the frontline engineer's real car key matching operation process and their summarized precautions.
KEY TOOL PLUS Practical Instruction provides technical guidance for engineers who need to do IMMO matching and help them avoid operational errors.


Q: Does this book only suitable for key tool plus owners?

A: Although many of the operation details in it are related to SK305, but the principle of the key programming is basically the same, so this book is also a very useful reference book if you are using other key programmers, like CGDI, YANHUA, AUTEL etc.