ATTENTION! Mini Key Tool 2023 New Rules!

Xhorse Mini Key Tool Free Authorizations for ID48 96bit

As we know, the mini key tool comes with free ID48 authorizations and 1 year ID48 tokens for free, but there will be a new rule for Xhorse Mini Key Tool in 2023

That is, from 2023.1.1, the mini key tool will cancel free authorization for ID48 functions, as well as 1 ID48 token every day! All these can be activated and added by paying extra.
So if you are interested in this tool, just buy it now, and you still can enjoy 1 year of free ID48 tokens, with a limited offer!

Xhorse Mini Key Tool Function Introduction:

Main Functions:

  • Remote Clone
  • Remote Generation
  • Garage Remote Generation
  • Transponder Clone
  • Generate Transponder
  • Frequency Test
  • Remote Renew
  • IC/ID Clone
  • Special Functions

It has the ability to clone ID4C/4D, 46, 48, ID70, and ID72 and can adapt to future updates.
It can also generate remotes for various car brands by connecting the mini key tool with the VVDI Mobile App available on both Android & iOS mobiles.

main functions
copy transponder

Package List:
mini key tool package list